An Ounce of Pink is the 12th Pink Panther episode producted in the Series. It Was Released On October 20th 1965

The Pink Panther Finds a Talking Coin Operated Weight Machine Which Also Is a Fortune Machine That Predicts Weather Forecasts Sport Scores And The Future?

The Machine

Which Causes Him A Whole Lot of Trouble!

Plot: The Pink Panther Finds a Talking Weight Machine He Brings It To His House While at His House The Weigh Machine Talks the Game
The Sport Predicter

The Pink Panther Watching the Sports Game With The Machine Telling It


The Cold Panther

Without a TV But The Talking Machine Causes Pink Panther Trouble!

While At The Street The Machine Tells the Pink Panther to Grab the Money but a Car Shows Up And Something Else Then Suddenly On the 3rd Try A Man Picks Up And Says Im Rich! Im RICH! After That A Lady Shows Up And The Machine Says She Weighs 180 Pounds Dye Her Hair And Her Dog Is Ugly Suddenly She Orders the Dog to Attack The Machine But it Does not Attack the Machine It Attacks The Panther Instead! After That A Thing Happens to the Machine? It Goes Rolling Around Goes into a Road Were Angry People Are Angered At The Machine Holding up there Paste Then Suddenly Crashes into a Building and the machine lands into the Docks into the Water The Machine Tries To Get The Panther to Help Him But The Panther Ignores

The Machine Says One Last Word You Havent Seen the Last of me The Pink Panther Walks Unharmed But Gets Ranover By a Bus As the Cartoon fades Out

Triva; 1st And Only Screentime of the Talking Weight Machine Its Voiced By Larry Storch The Little Man Does Not Appear

Running Gags: The Machine Calling the Phanther 140 Pounds Something Happening to the Panther And The Machine Stopping When He Says Something Interesting and The Panther

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