Come On In! The Water's Pink is a 1968 short film taking place at the beach.


The Pink Panther arrives on his motorcycle to meet the strongman. The Pink Panther sets up a shack and goes in a swimsuit. They are swimming in the ocean on the surfboard with big waves. The strongman bumps into the lifeguard and he goes in a shack. The Pink Panther makes him small and blows up like a balloon. The Pink Panther and the strongman are at the diving board. The Pink Panther jumps in first and the strongman crashes the ground. They are jumping on the trampoline when the strongman catches fire. They were on jet skis and the strongman bumped the bus. They are together making balloons as the strongman pops them with a needle and the big fat dog can't be a balloon. The Pink Panther goes home.

VHS tapeEdit

  • The short film is on one VHS tape called "Pink-A-Boo."

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