Films: 2

George Lytton is a Sir Charles Lytton's crooked young nephew and an antagonist in the first film. He also appears in "Curse of the Pink Panther". He is played by Robert Wagner.

In "The Pink Panther", George is pretending to be with Greenpeace, but is actually living a reckless life off his uncle's money, which Sir Charles believes is putting George through college. George joins his uncle at the ski resort where Clouseau and Simone, his wife, are staying, and George continually tries to pursue Simone, who is having an affair with his uncle. George is amused to discover that his uncle is The Phantom, the world's greatest catburglar, and resolves to become another Phantom and steal The Pink Panther diamond from Princess Dala. George dresses as a gorrilla at Dala's fancy-dress-ball, as does his uncle, and the two meet trying to steal the diamond which is already missing. They escape in a chaotic chase scene, and are arrested after a collision. Clouseau visits them in prison and assures them that he will prove them guilty. Simone and Dala, both being in love with Sir Charles, frame Clouseau, and George and his uncle are released, and leave with Simone. Unlike the latter, neither have any sympathy for Clouseau.

In "Curse of the Pink Panther", Simone and Charles, now married, are on their yacht, and George, considerably older, is still with them, living off his uncle's money. They help Clifton Sleigh look for Clouseau and the diamond, but later steal it from the detective. It is implied that George is now the new Phantom.