In the Pink of the Night is the 59th Episode in the Series.


The Pink Panther buys a cuckoo clock after a disasterous awakening, but it causes further trouble.


The episode begins with the Pink Panther peacefully sleeping, but the alarm clock rings, causing him to get furious and smashing it to pieces. Then he gets once again angered when the radio sings a song, and cuts the rope. Then he gets enraged for the third time when the telephone rings and he throws it away. Finally he wakes up when the sunshine shows up, only to discover he was too late for the train to the work. So he decides to buy a cuckoo clock. Back at his home, he is seen banging pins with a hammer, puts the cuckoo clock, and goes back to sleep. He sleeps for hours and hours... When the cuckoo bird shouts "Cuckoo!", however, things even get worse: a superfurious Pink Panther breaks the table, cuts and throws away nothing. Eventually, he decides to close the clock, but the bird still enrages him until he lets it fall into a river. But he felt guilty, and he becomes friends with the cuckoo bird.


Minor CharactersEdit

  • Gino the Bird


  • The bridge over the river resembles London Bridge.
  • The title is a pun on In the middle of the night.
  • This episode reveals that if the Pink Panther is jolted awake, he can go into a destructive rampage.

Running GagsEdit

  • The Pink Panther continuosly getting angry.
    • Breaking the alarm clock/the table;
    • Cutting the radio's rope/nothing;
    • Throwing away the telephone/nothing/the box that Gino has put on the hole.


  • Before waking up the first time Pink has no clock on his arm. When he wakes up, it is on his arm, but after that, it is nowhere to be seen.
  • It is unknown how the table comes back after getting broken.
  • Also, the box containing the clock disappears before Pink is about to smash the table.