Peter Sellers as Insp. Clouseau in "Return of the Pink Panther"

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is a fictional French police detective in "The Pink Panther" film series. He is the main protagonist in most films. He made his first appearence in the first Pink Panther in 1963, portayed by Peter Sellers.Clouseau appears in all the movies except Son of the Pink Panther in 1993, 30 years after the debut film.


Insp. Jacques Clouseau is a bumbling detective. His clumsiness often leads to the misfortune of others or himself. In the 1976 film, The Pink Panther Strikes Again! Clouseau cannot interview a person without falling down the stairs. Clouseau speaks with a strong French accent. Although this is a running gag in most films, it was mostly a joke in his protayal by Steve Martin in the 2006 film The Pink Panther, he is thought how to say simple words, but he fails to pronunce them, espically the word "hamburger", Clouseau says "HAM-BURGLAR!" But he incorrectly pronnunces other words like room(as he says, reum) and Pope(as he says, Peup).

Clouseau was protayed by four different actors; Peter Sellers, Alan Arkin, Roger Moore, and Steve Martin. Clouseau was played in most films by Peter Seller, who portayed in six films. Clouseau was protayed in one film by Alan Arkin and one film by Roger Moore. For the remaining 2 films he was protayed by Steve Martin. Sellers was filming another film in 1980 called Romance of the Pink Panther, but because of his unexpected death , the film was scrapped. despite of this, more Pink Panther films were produced , but fans believed that the film series should've ended after Sellers' death.