Films: 3

Martha is the wife of Professor Balls and acts as an assistant in his shop. They appear to live there as well. She is known for her very large nose, which probably serves as an inspiration for the fake noses her husband produces. She is seen upstairs in his shop and he calls to her through a dusty pipe. 

Marth first appeared in The Pink Panther Strikes Again in a deleted scene that would be used in Trail of the Pink Panther. Clouseau, meeting her for the first time, mistakes her real nose for a fake one and asks to buy it. Martha and her husband are helpful to Clifton Sleigh in Curse of the Pink Panther and play a slightly bigger role in Son of the Pink Panther, now having found a replacement client for Clouseau in the form of Clouseau's son. 

She is played by Liz Smith.