Mirisch-Geoffrey DePatie-Freleng or DFE is an animation studio based in Burbank, California and the first to animate the Pink Panther and later Inspector Clouseau 

 The Pink PantherEdit

Two executives from Warner Bros. animation, David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng quit and started their own studio. They recieved a call from Blake Edwards who was making a movie about a "Pink Panther" which was the name of a diamond in the movie which would cause a hallucination of a leaping pink panther. They were called to animate the opening titles. Afterwards, they wanted a life for this characters rather than just the opening and closing titles of this movie. They called the three Mirisch brothers in 1964 and got to produce a 6 minute animated short called "The Pink Phink" which lead to many more projects like "Pink Pajamas" "We give pink stamps" and more until the last episode, "Supermarket Pink" in 1980.They animated the opening titles for "A Shot In The Dark" and "Inspector Clouseau" and ten years later, Revenge of The Pink Panther. The Return Of The Pink Panther and The Pink Panther Strikes Again were done by Richard William's Studio.


They also made "The Ant and The Aardvark" "The Inspector" (Based on Inspector Clouseau) "The Dogfather" (A parody of The Godfather only with dogs) "Roland and Rattfink" "The Cat in The Hat" (With Ted Geisel) and a series in  the '80s about the Pink Panther's two sons, Pinky and Panky (Despite the fact that they defuncted in 1981 and joined Marvel Productions) and even later a 1993 series.

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