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Douvier is the villain of "Revenge of the Pink Panther". A rich and slimy man, he is the head of the French Connection, and wants to get rid of Clouseau to better his position in the Mafia. Douvier makes several attempts to have Clouseau killed, having him bombed at the "Balls" store, having Mr. Chong break into his apartment to kill him, and finally having him gunned down on the highway. Thankfully Clouseau is saved each time by his own clumsiness, eventually inadvertantly faking his own death when a man who stole his clothes is killed and shot beyond recognition in his place. Douvier, meanwhile, decides to have his mistress and secretary, Simone (no relation of Simone Lytton) killed, as she wants to break off their affair. She helps Clouseau pursue him to Hong Kong for revenge, where he is meeting the Godfather. During the final battle in a harbor shed Simone gets her revenge on Douvier by shoving a handful of fireworks into his trousers, incapacitating him. He and his Mafia allies are then arrested. In "Trail of the Pink Panther" it appears that he has been replaced by Bruno Langlois.

He is played by Robert Webber.