Pink, Plunk, Plink is the 19th Pink Panther episode producted in the Series.


The Pink Panther has trouble with his camel on his way to a pharaoh's tomb.


The Pink Panther learns to play "The Pink Panther" theme on violin. Proud of his achievement, he goes to an outdoor concert to test his ability. The conductor sees him and throws him out. He leads the orchestra in Beethoven's 5th Symphony, but hears "The Pink Panther" coming from the violin section. The Panther gets ejected again, but finally wins when he shoots the conductor into outer space with a rocket-powered baton. The Panther finally leads the entire orchestra in a rendition of "The Pink Panther" theme. A sparse applause indicates that there is only one person left, but he seems to have enjoyed the performance immensely. A zoom reveals that the person is none other than Henry Mancini, the composer of "The Pink Panther."

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