"Pink Arcade" is the 94th episode of the Pink Panther. It Was Released in 1978



The Pink Panther gets a bunch of quarters from a weighing scale, and goes to the arcade. But He Gets Backfired every Time


The Pink Panther goes to a Scale to See How He Weighs But the Scale is Broken Then He Gets A lot of Quarters Which Leads him to Going to the Arcade

He Then Plays a Game Called EZ Driving Test But after Stopping to Let some Ducks Cross By He Gets Rammed By a Truck Which Breaks the Screen And the Game itself He Also does A Pie thing But when he wants His Pie It Fails Leading him to the Manager Then He Plays a Fighting Game Only the Pink phanter to be Punched Then He does a Bowling thing Also He Does A Target Ball Thingy and a Dunker Then The Pink Panther tries out a Claw Game But When he Plays the Claw The Claw Controls Him

Leading to Getting Dropped By the Claw And He Knocks Which Leads Him to The Manager Raging

The Last Thing He Does is a Bear Shooter Game But Unfortunately Things take a Turn for the Worse When the Bear Shoots Him!


The Pink Panther

Minor CharactersEdit

The Manager


Clown At the Arcade Sign

Truck Drivers in the Game



  • This is a Few of the Cartoons which Pink Makes a Sound For Dialogue
  • The Manager Bears a Striking Resemblance to The Little Man
  • This was Remade into a Pink Panther and Pals Episode


  • The Fighting Game Resembles Rock EM Sock EM Although the People aren't Robots

Running GagsEdit

  • The Pink Panther Getting Backfired Every time he Plays a Game
  • The Manager Appearing
  • The Kid Being Better at Pink Panther


  • How Can the Pink Panther Survive these Accidents It is a Cartoon Though
  • The 1st time He Puts the Coin for the Pie It Fails The 2nd time it Does for Unknown Reasons



The Managers Gibberish

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