Pink Campaign is the 81st Episode in The Series.



Pink steals a house in revenge for the lumberjack owner cutting down his treehouse home.


When a lumberjack cuts down the tree where the Pink Panther's house is located, the Panther decides to get even. He follows the man back to the city and sets out to take the man's house down piece by piece and set it up in the forest to replace the Panther's lost home. But the man is not aware of the Panther's presence, and attributes the loss of the pieces of his house to termites, burglars, etc. When the police and termite inspector find no evidence to support his claims, they begin to think that the man is crazy. He drags his psychiatrist to his home to prove his sanity, but by this time it's only an empty lot. He is put in a straight jacket and taken away in an ambulance. As they drive away, he sees his house set up in the woods with the Panther enjoying the new domicile.