Pink Davinci is the 72nd Episode in the Series.


Pink is revealed as the true artist behind Mona Lisa's smile.


After much thought on the type of mouth the Mona Lisa should have, Leonardo DaVinci decides on a downturned mouth, and is very pleased by the result. The Pink Panther, who happens to be passing the master's studio, is not pleased. He grabs a brush and paints a smile on the lady's kisser. When DaVinci discovers this, he throws a tantrum and changes the mouth back to a sad expression. This continues back-and-forth, with DaVinci going crazy trying to find the person sabotaging his masterpiece. It is a contest of wills, finding the artist seeking refuge from the unknown vandal in the Coliseum, in the gondolas, and in the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which he accidentally causes to begin leaning by kicking the base of it in frustration). But due to the Panther's tenacity, art lovers of today can enjoy the Mona Lisa's classic smile.