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Pink Panther Pink Pajamas

Pink Pajamas is the second cartoon produced in The Pink Panther Show.


Pink Panther was walking and barely found himself awake so he find a flop house to sleep in with a welcome sign but he got tossed out. Eventually, so he found a key to try to get into the someone else's house to sleep at night in a cozy, nearby home and washes up for bed. Soon afterward, the sauced homeowner stumbles in and crashes into the bed, completey unaware that the Pink Panther is occupying his bed. Only after the homeowner gets himself a hot bottle of boiling water he places into his bed does the boiling feline, made himself knowned.

Having never seen the Pink Panther before, the homeowner is convinced that he is hallucinating, and he phones the Alchoholics Anonymous (AA). The (AA) rep comes over (but still in his pajamas), smells the alcohol on the homeowner's breath, and sternly proceeds to remove every bottle of booze in the house, tossing them out into the trash can at the curbside. The two guys are then about to drink a toast to sobriety with a glass of milk when the Pink Panther strolls through the house, looking for the bed. Realizing that the hallucination was real after hall, both men run out of the house and chase after the garbage truck in a attempt to retrieve the liquor.



  • The Little Man does not appear in the cartoon
  • Some of the footage in this cartoon would be reused in Pink-In.

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