The Pink Panther: Sir Charles Lytton is the villain protagonist for attempting to steal the Pink Panther jewel. Clouseau is the heroic antagonist. Simone Clouseau-Lytton and George Lytton are secondary villains.

A Shot In The Dark: The murderer is suspected to be Maria Gambrelli. At the very end it is revealed that everyone alive in the household committed a crime at some stage, except for Maria and Maurice, a butler revealed to be a blackmailer. The household includes millionaire Benjamin Ballon, his wife and servants. Household staff and members that were murdered are: Dudu, the first maid. George, the gardener and another blackmailer. Henri, the head butler, And Miguel Ostos, a spa oars and the former fiancée of Maria. Dreyfus is a secondary villain.

The Return of the Pink Panther: Colonel Sharki and Dreyfus, unless you count Lady Lytton as a villain. Sir Charles Lytton also appears but he is not the thief. 

The Pink Panther Strikes Again: Dreyfus.

Revenge of the Pink Panther: The French Mafia, headed by Philipe Douvier, and Scalini, the Godfather.

Trail of the Pink Panther: The French Mafia, headed by Bruno Langlois (Sir Charles and Simone also appear but not as villains). 

Curse of the Pink Panther: The French Mafia, headed by Bruno Langlois (Sir Charles, Simone and George appear as allies again). 

Son of the Pink Panther: Hans.

The Pink Panther: In the end the murderer is revealed to be the trainer.

The Pink Panther 2: The Tornado.

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