The Little Man is Checking

Look At It

Pink Plunk Plink is a Cartoon Released in 1966 The Pink Panther Interrupts The Little Mans Band Playing Beethovens 8th Symphony


The Pink Panther Takes Lessons On The Pink Panther Theme Then Suddenly at a Music Building The Little Man Is Playing Beethovens Symphony N.0 8 When He Tries to Play it It Fails Like Incase a Unseen Coughing Man Who gets Shot By The Little Man Then Suddenly the Little Man Is Attached To a Big Rocket Like Firework And The Pink Panther Plays The Pink Panther Theme Song Then Suddenly He Hears Someone Clapping But the One Clapping is Actually a Shot of Henry Mancini!


This Episode Breaks the 4TH Wall Which the Pink Panther is Practicing Its Own Theme Song And the Shot Of Henry Mancini

Refrences: The Scene Which The Man Gets Shot Is a Refrence to In a Loony Tunes Cartoon Which A Unseen Man is Seen Doing Something then Suddenly Bugs Holds a Sign Saying Throw The Man Out!


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