The Pink Panther
Episode 96
Air date November 4, 1978
Written by Dave Detiege
Directed by Art Davis
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Pink Lemonade
Sprinkle Me Pink

Staying in a motel, the Pink Panther decides to practice his trumpet playing, while annoying the Little Man, who is staying next door in the motel.


The Little man is staying at a motel for the night & so is the Pink Panther. The Pink Panther starts practicing his trumpet which annoys the Little man next door. The Little man knocks on the wall to signal to the Pink Panther to stop playing. But the Pink Panther continues to play his trumpet anyway. Still annoyed, the Little man puts corks in his ears but the trumpet was so loud that it knocked the corks out of his ears. The Little man couldn’t take hearing the Pink Panthers trumpet anymore so he walked over to Pink Panthers motel room and took the trumpets mouthpiece. The Pink Panther didn’t stop the Little man though because he walked over to his case which was full of mouthpieces. The Pink Panther starts playing his trumpet again much to the Little mans surprise. Fed up, the Little man gets a ladder, grabbed a hose, and a drill. The Little man climbed to the roof and drills a hole over the Pink Panthers room. The Little man lowered the hose into the Pink Panthers room landing in the bell of his trumpet. The Little man turned the hose on and then the Pink Panther started filling up with water. The Pink Panther ends up blowing the water back up into the house causing the hose to explode on the Little man. The Little man finally reported the Pink Panther and gets the Motel owner to check out the Pink Panthers room. The Little man didn’t know that the Pink Panther switched room numbers so the owner went inside the Little mans room smashing his radio. The Little man had another idea to finally stop the Pink Panthers trumpet Practice so he took the top of his lamp and walked into the Pink Panthers room but found a gorilla instead of the Pink Panther playing trumpet. The Little man walks out of the Pink Panthers room and drove away. The Gorilla turned out to be the Pink Panther in a suit but when the Pink Panther hears something playing his trumpet he turns around and there’s an actual Gorilla. The Pink Panther jumped out of the suit and ran away in fear passing the Little man in his car.