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-This episode starts with Pink Panther walking at the sidewalk for his job, then reads a poster-

Pink Panther: Whoa, construction wanted. Some construction workers building, eh? I'm gonna join.

Pink Panther: There. No one will know me here.

Foreman: Huh? Pink Panther?! No one will join the Acme Construction Builders.

-When Ron accidentally gets cement from Foreman, he gets angry-

Ron: Oops!

Foreman: -is angry- YOU! Why did you put cement on me!

-The Pink Panther was carrying wood until Foreman hits Ron-

Pink Panther: -is spoken- Huh? Foreman hitting Ron? -continues- Now I'll have to link it at the beams.

-Pink Panther will attach the wood at the metal beams but accidentally reveal himself in the wood crane. The wood crane takes him to the top.-

Pink Panther: I'll need to use this as a bridge to link. -places wood- And Woody pulling the rope. I'll use the platform as a bridge.

Woody: Here is the paint. -Woody accidentally made the paint fall to Foreman, enraged- Huh? Where's the paint? -The paint falls down and crashes to Foreman's guardhouse roof, making him enraged again-

Foreman: -angry again- Excuses, excuses, Woody! How did you fall paint to me? -climbs ladder to beat Woody but when he runs to the wood bridge, Foreman falls down.-

Pink Panther: Foreman angry again? Nevermind.

-Scene changes to a room with Luther covering the wall with plaster-

Luther: -satisfied- Well, what do think of my plaster work? -Pink Panther appears in the room, when he slams the door, Luther's plaster work was ruined and is angry- My plaster work! I GIVE UP! -throws trowel-

-The next scene is Carlito tying a heavy paint-

Carlito: Nothing ruins my rope tying and must be protected.

-Pink Panther gets the plaster out and turns to a hammer, then climbs up for him to be knocked, when Carlito lifts it up and his hard hat was removed, his head was knocked several times and falls down, Pink Panther appears at the top, and the plaster falls to Carlito and when he walks, he was frozen and the hammer falls, causing Carlito to collapse. Scene changes to Clayton hitting a metal beam for the rivets. his head was hot so he takes the hard hat removed and continues. Pink Panther is cleaning the stones-

Pink Panther: Ah! A rivet bucket! I'll use it as a trash can. -takes broom away, pours hot rivets at Clayton's hard hat, and uses the rivet bucket as trash can- There. I'll take it to the recycle area.

Clayton: There. It's done. Now I'll take my hard hat now. -When Clayton puts his hard hat on, he encounters scorch pain and falls down, causing injuries-

Pink Panther: Some holes? I'll dump it to Clayton. -pours the garbage to Clayton-

-Scene changes again to a room with Luther recovering the wall with plaster-

Luther: There. No one will slam the plaster again.

-Pink Panther slams the door to Luther, compressing him and slams the door again, causing the plaster to fall. The next scene is Ace painting the wall and Pink Panther arrives and lifts the paint down-

Ace: -angry- My paint! -lifts paint up, causing Pink Panther and Ace to fight against the paint-

Pink Panther: -enraged- Grr. I'll put cement glue.

-Pink Panther puts glue under the paint and when Ace lifts the paint up, it causes him to be compressed. The next scene is Luther recovering the wall with plaster and Pink Panther will slam the door, but slowly, when his sneeze appears, it causes the plaster to fall-

Luther: -was still happy when the plaster was safe, but starts to cry- No! NO! Pink Panther, YOU FAILED TO ME! YOU FAILED TO ME!

-The next scene is Pink Panther trying to move a steel beam-

Pink Panther: -tries to move a steel beam- Come on, come on...

-A worker arrives to carry a wood beam but knocks the beam out, next to a worker in a bulldozer, causing the dirt to fly, next to a worker painting the beam, causing the dirt to fly him away like a see-saw, hitting the same person painting the beam, next to two workers trying to build a beam, causing the worker to make them fall, crashing Pink Panther to fly, with him driving like a cart ride, and is able to hit Ron and Foreman but runs as well for the workers, next to a tunnel where the workers are knocked over and injured, causing him to catapult to the electric post wire, hits a steel beam, causing the building to trigger a construction demolition, injuring the workers, with them angry, causing Pink Panther to walk after them, with the workers following him, Pink Panther flees the angry workers and runs as well for the workers, who give chase, causing them to run in the sunset. The episode ends.-

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