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Not to be confused with Simone Clouseau-Lytton, she is the main girl in "Revenge of the Pink Panther", and is one of Clouseau's more siginificant love interests. She is played by Dyan Cannon.

Simone is the secretary and mistress of French Connection leader Douvier, who is very much aware of her boss' criminal activity. When his wife threatens a divorce he ends things with Simone, who is furious. Fearing that she will talk, Douvier sends his henchmen out to kill her, but Clouseau lands up saving her. Eternally grateful to Clouseau, she decides to help him take down Douvier and his allies, as Douvier has been trying to have Clouseau killed as well, and currently believes him to be dead. With information supplied by Simone they are able to travel to Hong Kong, to intercept Douvier's meeting with the American Godfather. In a shootout in an old warehouse at the docks, Simone gets revenge on Douvier by shoving fireworks down his trousers. After the mission is done and Clouseau has been handsomly rewarded, she goes home with him, where they have a romantic evening together. Clouseau's car, the Silver Hornet, collapses, so they walk off talking. This is one of three times throughout the series where Clouseau winds up with the girl without a hitch. The other two are "Curse of the Pink Panther" and "The Pink Panther 2".