Super Pink is a Pink Panther Episode Released in October of 1966 The Pink Panther Becomes a Superhero! Which He Uses a Telephone Box to Dress Himself Up as a Superhero

Plot: The Pink Panther is Reading a Superhero Comic He Gets the Idea Of Being a Superhero! The 1St Try is To Save An Old Lady With Some Attempts.... unfortunately When He Tries to Save Her Things Do Not Go as Planned As He Knew it will Be

Trying to Save Her From

A Boulder

A Falling Piano

A Robber

And More
Super Pink Tittle Card

Tittle Card

The Last One Shows Her Car Having a Flat Tire Which Leads a Chase Which The Pink Panther Finally Stops the Car on a Railroad Track But He Puts The Car on the Other Track Which a Train Comes By And Rans over Her And Her Car The Old Lady Unharmed Is Fed up With Him And She Turns into her Own Superhero Picking up a Railway Signal And Banging him in the Process...

Triva: In Real Life The Old Lady will Be Injured or Killed If the Train Hit Her And The Car Also the Little Man Does Not Appear