The ant and the aardvark are fictional characters who starred in 17 shorts produced at DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and released by United Artists.

The main plot of an episode follows a blue aardvark trying to eat a red ant, usually failing



A red ant who is one of the main characters of the series. He is voiced by John Byner (though impersonating Dean Martin). The ant - sometimes called 'Charlie' - is the usual victim of the aardvark, who usually tries to eat the ant. The ant usually foils the aardvark's plans. Only in one episode (Scratch a Tiger) does the aardvark win.

Aardvark Edit

A blue aardvark who is the other main character. He is also voiced by John Byner (though impersonating Jackie Mason). The aardvark creates numerous plans to eat the ant, often failing. He usually complains about being an aardvark and having to eat ants in order to survive. He wears a blue t-shirt (the same color as his fur/skin).


There are many minor characters appearing in different episodes. They are usually involved with helping the ant stop the aardvark.





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