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The Ballons are the villains of "A Shot in the Dark". When the driver is murdered, it looks as if the maid, Maria did it. Clouseau begins to suspect that the murder was in fact committed by the master of the house, Mr. Ballon, and that he framed Maria. The gardener suspects this too, and confronts Ballon, and shortly after is murdered with Maria once again appearing to be guilty. In the mean time Clouseau begins to infuriate Mr. Ballon as he tries to prove his guilt.

In the end, after more murders of the staff have been committed, Clouseau assembles the household to give his verdict on the investigations. His plan to catch the murderer is for Hercule, his assistant, to turn the lights out, so that he can see who tries to escape. In the end it turns out that Mr. Ballon, his wife, and the entire staff except for Maria were either blackmailing each other, havign affairs, or committing murders at one stage or another. They all attempt to flee, stealing Clouseau's car. This is fortunate for Clouseau, as the car has been rigged with a bomb by Dreyfus.

Benjamin Ballon is played by George Sanders, Dominique Ballon is played by Tracy Reed, Simone is played by Moira Redmond, Madam LaFarge is played by Vanda Godsell, Pierre is played by Maurice Kauffman and Maurice is played by Martin Benson.