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The Pink Phink is the first epsiode from Pink Panther made by Friz Feleng and Hawley Pratt.

Plot Edit

The big-nosed Little White Man wanted to paint his house blue to sell it, but Pink Panther disagrees and wanted to paint the house pink, thus causing a series of paint wars.

Every time the Little Man tried to paint each part of the house blue, the Pink Panther always tries to replace the blue paint with pink, to the point of painting everything, including the ceiling and the floor, pink. The Little Man then got very angry and decided to shoot and kill the Pink Panther with a rifle, but the Pink Panther already filled the rifle with pink paint, thus making The Little Man paint the house pink, while the Panther is inside the house.

The Little Man then found all cans of pink paint, and decided to bury all of them. However, his victory was short-lived and the burial of the paint instead made everything pink, making him very angry. The Pink Panther then moves inside the house, but before that, he paints the Little Man pink, causing the Little Man to be extremely upset and banging his head onto the mailbox. As the sun sets, the Pink Panther walks in to his house, ending the episode.



Won an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons.

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