The Pink Panther
Episode 1
The Pink Phink
Air date December 18, 1964
Written by John W. Dunn
Directed by Friz Freleng
Episode Guide
Pink Pajamas

The Pink Panther sabotages the plans of a housepainter (the Little Man) who wants to paint a house blue. The Pink Panther counters this by painting the house pink.


The Pink Panther and an unnamed painter (the Little Man) compete over whether a house should be painted blue or pink. Each time the painter attempts to paint something blue, the panther thwarts him in a new way, and paints the object/area pink. At the end, the exasperated painter inadvertently turns the house and everything around it pink (first by repeatedly shooting at the elusive panther with a shotgun that the panther had poured pink paint into, and then by burying the panther's pink paint cans in the soil outside the house, where they "sprout"), and the panther moves in. But just before he moves in, he paints the white man completely pink. The painter gets upset and bangs his head against the mailbox outside. The Pink Panther then walks into the house as the sun (also turned pink) sets and the cartoon fades out.