Tickled Pink is the 50th Episode in the Series.

Plot Edit

Calamity results when the Pink Panther wishes for a pair of roller-skates and is granted his wish by his fairy godmother. The "enchanted" skates take the Pink Panther on an uncontrollable junket through a city. He smashes repeatedly through huge windows being unloaded by moving men, knocks over a painter's ladder, tracks through the paint, and puts double lines on a road- and off the road- for cars to follow. He collides with a brick wall, and still the skates won't stop. Every attempt by the panther to remove the troublesome skates fails, until his fairy godmother returns to grant two more wishes. The panther wishes for the removal of the skates, then for the skates to be placed on the fairy godmother's feet, sending her on a similarly uncontrolled and disastrous journey.

Crew Edit

  • Director: Gerry Chiniquy
  • Story: John W. Dunn
  • Music Score: Walter Greene
  • Animation: Don Williams, Manny Perez, Art Leonardi, Warren Batchelder
  • Layout: Ray Aragon
  • Backgrounds: Tom O'Loughlin
  • Film Editor: Allan Potter
  • Coordinator: Harry Love
  • Production Supervision: Jim Foss
  • Produced by: David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng